WHY Valentus?

I Will Never Forget When Valentus Found Me!

I had always wanted to find a health and wellness product line and company that I could trust. There are so many broken promises in the industry and I felt as if each time I would get excited about a new discovery, I would be let down because the products were either poor quality, ineffective, outrageously overpriced, tasted horribly, or a combination of it all!

When a friend shared Valentus with me, I must admit, I was slightly skeptical. It almost sounded too good to be true…

-Lose Weight
-Make Money
-Impact Lives

And do all of this with the healthiest coffee on the planet and the next generation of nutrition?!?!?!

I would have to imagine that you are where I once was because Valentus sounds too good to be true.

I totally get it because I was once there, but I did give this company and product line a chance and my entire life has changed as a result!

This is why I would like to invite you to SIGN UP ABOVE for a short presentation that will give you a glimpse into Valentus and how you can Lose Weight, Make Money, and Impact Lives. After you watch, we will get on the phone together so that I can share more of my story, get to know you, and then decide if Valentus is RIGHT for your goals.

Come for the Products and Opportunity and Stay FOREVER Because of the People

The most unexpected part of my Valentus story are the people!

n a million years I would have never even imagined making friends with such a special, committed, and passionate group of people from around the world.

When you become part of Valentus, whether you are just using the products to lose weight OR you are also sharing the products with the goal of building a business, you truly become part of a family.

The level of support and dedication you will experience is simply something that makes me feel like I am living out my dream each day and I am excited about this potential for you as well.

Check out this video from our 2015 Convention:

The video above is an example of our company culture and what you will experience when joining Valentus.

Allow me to truly introduce myself, my name is Jane Shears

I am a wife and a mom, and probably very much like you …. I am looking for time freedom, an easy way to maintain good health and some extra relief for our family’s finances. I have dreams to be fulfilled and potential to be discovered … and it is my belief that I can find it here. I invite you to join me so that we can each realize our potential and achieve everything we desire and more.

Jane Shears

Valentus Entrepreneur

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